Social and Climate Justice

Living beyond ourselves through social justice

Being ‘socially just’ is an inherent part of being an Anglican Christian. Seeking social justice fits with the ‘living beyond ourselves’ dimension of the Healthy Church Model we use to guide our work and life together as a diocese and at a local church level.

Several groups assist local ministry units and the diocese to be more socially just as part of being a healthy church. These groups initiate projects of their own, but also work together.

The Sustainability Fieldworker, appointed by the diocese, helps coordinate the collaborative projects of the various groups and liaises with sustainability champions in local churches.


Sustainability Fieldworker: Cathy Bi-Riley

Social and Climate Justice groups in the diocese


Formed in May 2019, ADJust arose out of a desire for a fresh emphasis on engagement with social justice, led by the young people of the diocese. The group functions as a think tank as well as mobilisers and organisers of specific initiatives.

ADJust’s projects and activities can be found on their Facebook page.

If you are under the age of 40 and would be interested in contributing to the work of this group, please email

Auckland Anglican Response to the Climate Crisis

In response to a motion from the 2019 Synod, the social justice and environmental groups collaborated to produce a diocesan framework for climate action based around four areas: liturgy and worship, education, mitigation, advocacy and outreach.

Resources are available to support ministry units to engage in care of creation and climate action.

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Social Justice Group

This group researches, communicates and advocates for social justice, encouraging debate and action on local, national and global issues. Their vision is that social justice encompasses the whole of life and by working together, we can all flourish. The group produces a monthly newsletter ‘Do Justice’.

Download February 2024 issue

Chair: Vicky Mee

Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga

Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga is a broad-based community alliance made up of community, union, faith and other groups. It aims to address the causes of poverty in families and communities so that everyone in Aotearoa can flourish. The initial focus is Auckland, but the long-term plan is to build city-based alliances around New Zealand.

The alliance also fosters active citizenship and seeks to develop leaders with the ability to negotiate with decision-makers for systemic and structural change.

The Auckland Diocese is one of several sponsoring organisations for the Auckland Alliance. In June 2020 Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga received funding from the Northern Foundation to take on up to 10 part-time interns for a nine-month programme of learning about community organising.

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